The fleet is equipped with support service and cargo vehicles. Routes are tracked by a unique monitoring system


Support service vehicles are represented by forklifts with different types of attachments: forks, flat bale grapples, rolled round grabs. The main task of this site is a round-the-clock continuous provision of the production cycle of the enterprise in the areas of unloading and supply of raw materials, transportation and shipment of finished products.


Cargo vehicles are represented by road trains consisted of MAN TGX truck tractor and KRONE SD semi-trailers. The crews of these vehicles perform the task of transporting finished products from the enterprise to the warehouses of customers and delivering raw materials for the needs of our own production in the opposite direction, thereby ensuring maximum utilization of their carrying capacity.


The rolling stock of the department is equipped with all the devices and systems necessary for the transport function.

The transport department has at its disposal a well-equipped repair base for the maintenance and repair of support service vehicles; it has also concluded a number of service contracts with suppliers of spare parts, consumables, and services of vast geography, as well as service stations of authorized dealers.

Smart fuel stations
Centralized fueling station for support service vehicles
Logistics Monitoring

Satellite monitoring system with an integrated fuel level monitoring system and control of work and rest regimes for drivers (trucks)

Production European equipment, own testing laboratories, completely non-waste production Products

We produce paper and cardboard from 100% recycled materials